I’m supposed to describe myself here. Hmmm….

Am I a lyrical artist? An academic? A licensed attorney? A domesticated mom who values my role in my home and family? Yes. All of the above. And why can’t I be? I went through a period in my life where several people (including myself) thought I would be a professional student. I always want to know more and question why and how things happen. I’ve been raised to value education so no matter what happens in my life, I OWN my degrees regardless of what I do with them. My achievements can never be taken away from me. And although I value my education greatly, my greatest achievement is my son. I’m proudest of how he’s growing up and the job my husband and I are doing as parents (pardon the cliché but the proof is in the pudding!). Yes, I’m an extremely capable woman. And some activists would argue that I am selling myself short and have more to offer than being a ‘stay at home mom’ as a strong woman. But for me, that’s the most important role I own. So, what do I do? Who am I? I’m all of the above. Nice to meet you.

I’m me. And proud of everything that I am despite what others think I should be.  So ask away…

I’m hoping to post regular blog entries weekly – I have enough to say to post a blog every 10 minutes but I’ll spare you my constant musings (my husband just took a deep sigh of relief).  That’s the plan but of course life could always take a different path so if it’s more often or if it’s longer than a week, don’t be alarmed; I’ll check in and announce a new blog on my social media pages when she’s ready! I have a feeling I may go off on tangents sometimes but I’ll try to refocus. Enjoy the gong show while it’s going on.

On a serious note, I want to bring awareness to various topics that so often go unnoticed like organ transplantation and patient advocacy. But I think the most reoccurring theme will be how we, as a society, treat those of us that are labeled ‘sick’ or ‘weak’. We are all considered the ‘other’ to someone else for any number of reasons (like race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation or even perceived illness or weakness) but the way we treat ‘others’ defines the character that we hold in such high esteem.

The way my audience becomes acquainted with my message is extremely important to me; I really do want to effect change and inspire others to value and trust themselves.  Once we accept ourselves entirely, good and bad, only then can we live a life free of being bound to perfecting our image. And hopefully as we embark on this cathartic journey together of self-exploration and understanding it makes a difference. Jokes and sarcasm aside, this is important to me. And I hope it shines through my words.

Take a deep breath….and just breathe.

P.S…AGAIN  I took this picture in Michigan from the side view mirror as we were driving to visit my family. The sunset behind us was absolutely breathtaking and the philosopher in me just spewed some lyrical genius: the path we’re taking is lit by our past. But the more we try to run from it, the less we see in front of us. And just when we think the past is behind us and we don’t ever have to face our reality again, it rises and shines light on who we really are all over again…and again…and again, in perpetuity. We can never truly hide our past because who we are today is as a direct result of who we were. So instead of trying to run away from it, let’s embrace the lessons we’ve earned from those experiences. I love everything about this picture…so much to ponder (I told you I’d be getting all existential on you, right?!).