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Here is a link to a story that WGN aired about me and my journey with my doctor, Dr. Erin Lowery. I finally found my voice and I’m excited to use it now!  Please email me to book speaking engagements (I’ll throw in a few autographs, if you’re lucky 😉 )

WGN Story

I’m involved in several different capacities with the CF Foundation, most notably, as a member of a Steering Committee to develop a set of policies for every lung transplant center to adopt. It’s comprised of 10 transplant pulmonologists (throughout North America) and myself, as the patient representative. I’m honored to work with such a reputable organization and look forward to a long relationship with them.

That said, the CF Foundation also showcases me as a ‘Community Blogger’ on various topics. Here are 2 of my blogs that they published.

“Using My Voice”  (originally published 6.15.17)

“Transplant Refocused Me”  (originally published 8.17.17)

And of course…

These are my public social media pages. I’ve chosen not to publish images of certain people in my life and I will respect any reasonable requests to keep certain personal information private. I won’t publish your image without your consent and if you’d prefer I keep your name and or certain details private as well, please let me know. But who knows? Maybe this whole thing could actually serve some good and you could be proud of your involvement. Either way, please respect the decisions I make as to what I publish. I’m a true believer that this ‘digital-life/social media-over-sharing’ frenzy should have its limits too.





Please share and support my message. Thank you, everyone. I appreciate the love so much!